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There is a slight delay with the physical version of Volume one to be resolved very soon. I apologize for this as these things happen and it was literally out my hands and had more to do with some technical difficulties. That said, I take responsibility. 

As for those who pre-ordered the digital version? it's up! the Physical will follow this Saturday! lastly, here is the link to the Kindle Version of #AppleBlackMANGA 

9 Chapters (262 Pages), Behind the scenes extras and more...…

so see you saturday guys? ITS GOING DOWN!
Who will Purchase Apple BLack Vol.1? Pre-Order Here with no money involved and get a FREE Saturday-AM pack of your choice with 5 Saturday-AM Manga Magazine Issues with cool stuff, basically just to get notified when the book comes out.… Thank You!

Hey Guys,

Apple NEW VOLUME ONE COVER IS DONE! and I will be revealing it in the coming days, will still need to re format all the pages and all that extra stuff, the Book is set to have, 236 pages of actual Manga | Comics and Covers, 9 chapters, then 14 pages of extras, like, Posters, Fanart, Bios, Behind the scenes never before seen sketches, Apple Black Popularity Poll 2014 and more+

The Book will be for sale in December, exact date to be announced soon, WE ARE THIS CLOSE GUYS! Apple Black Volume One. BEEN WAITING FOR YEARS!, I'm Pumped. When Everything i all said and done, I hope those who support me and book will purchase it and share, telling friends interesting in manga and stuff, unboxings, reviews etc, this is major for me. I will do everything in my power to push it as you would imagine and I'll see how things go. I have sacrifices a tone for this book and I really hope it pays off for me. Big Thanks to everyone who has ever supported me in anyway! 

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Some of you are wondering where the Apple Black HH for this year, sorry its gonna come in pretty
Honestly Guys I don't really know what inktober is, would need to do some research but I'd like to think that it has something to do with like a certain time, probably october and also to do with Inking and so, I cooked up this Inking Tips Video, ENJOY!

I recommend that you all check out the our latest and first KICKSTARTER campaign, with even possibilities of yawl getting involved, hopefully we reach our goal. What is Saturday WARS? it the big Idea of having the ULTIMATE WEBCOMIC CROSSOVER IN PRINT! that could even become annual but things get shaky on the monetary end, we think this could become revolutionary and alter the stereotype of webcomics being just random jokes of fan boy ish, showing that webcomics are more than that and can expand even more possibly appealing to main stream audiences.