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Hola Everyone,

You all know I'm a Manga Studio guy right? but I finally tried coloring with Photoshop (HARD btw!) but with the help of some youtube tutorials, I see vast improvements, can't wait to show you guys, its like nothing I've ever done before. it will be the cover of Saturday-AM Issue 45! might use similar techniques for
#AppleBlack Vol.2 . Taking longer than I expected, but it's coming! Chapter 13: Angel Eyes [Sano Vs. Van Von Guut], will soon conclude, hopefully by Saturday AM Issue 46 and then it would be 4 Chapters left to end Vol.2 and I tell you, things will get real! I love Vol.1 but Vol.2 will be much better on all levels. Wish me luck and I hope you guys are still along for the ride. Thanks again to everyone who bought Apple Black vol.1.


I believe in following dreams. I believe in art and process of creating, thats why I make ‪#‎AppleBlack‬ along with the urge to complete this quest I feel I have no other option but to and for the love of sequential art and story telling in all it's forms. The fact that some people get inspired by my journey and struggles is extra motivation for me to pull through tough and fun times. I do all this with the help of the support I get from all fronts, the things I've learn from various outlets, social media etc. So regardless of the end results, I am still proud of it all, my projects, Saturday-AM and so on. This is the last call for Apple Black to get votes to win $3000 Funding being 81 votes behind, please vote here if you can 
If not, it's okay. 

Thank You All, it's surreal sometimes the support I get as is. I am Grateful.
Much Love.

Please vote for APPLE BLACK in the annual Global Manga Initiative Competition!!

You need to register to vote, but I'd appreciate it so much!!

Apple Black Chapter 12: Bite The Smoke by odunze