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Thanks guys for 3000+ Watchers and 10,000 Youtube Subscibers folks! much love. I'll soon be back in FULL gear like I used to. :)

:iconodunze: Hello, [Contact:]

My name is Odunze Oguguo, also know as WhytManga on all social media except DeviantArt, as I am :iconodunze: here AND I am the artist and Writer of my Comic Series "Apple Black", with volume one available on Amazon for both Paperback and Kindle. Apple Black is being serialized by a BRAND NEW BI-Weekly Digital Comic/Manga Anthology magazine called "Saturday-AM". I am also WhytMangaTV on Youtube with 9000+ Subscribers in a year on youtube (Jan 2015).

Saturday-AM is a Subsidiary of our company MyFutprint Entertainment LLC and I am one of the four co-founders of this company. We plan on becoming the go to home of Webcomics on the internet, eventually someday the MARVEL of Manga if you will.

MyFutprint entertainment also has other subsidiaries that are lines and magazines such Saturday-AM TANKS, Afternoon Web-X, Saturday+(Plus) and we plan for more! We have been creating content since 2013 and so we have over 21 Issues of Saturday-AM released with My comic and other great comics as well, Bully Eater, Saigami and Much More!

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Saturday AM 18 Cover: Descend by odunzeSat-AM6 by odunzeSaturday AM Issue #1 JAM Cover by odunzeApple Black Volume One Cover by odunze


WE WANT Staff Volunteers to help because right now we cannot offer much [this subject to change but no promises and we will be upfront about everything as soon as you contact us] until we get that level and WE WILL based on the progress and connections networking we made in the past year. These are the positions--we're looking for multiple people per position.

WE DON'T NECESSARILY WANT COMIC CREATORS--this opportunity is mainly for people serious about getting a career in the industry.

No experience necessary but they must have the drive and ambition and ability to gain materials (i.e. software--they don't have to buy it but if they have no computer or go to the library for internet--this may not be the best for them).

-Designer (print, UI and web)
-Editorial (copyeditor, grammar--then eventually business coordinator, licensing)
-Blogger (serious journalism for matters affecting geeks, future comics writers)
-Letterer (serious opportunity for people who want to work in comics and build a strong portfolio outside of design)
-Translator (major position--key languages Mandarin, Spanish, French and Portuguese)
-Social Media Marketer (specific roles in Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Youtube)

-Ask question please contact us here
Volume 1 of Apple Black came out 1 and a half days ago! AND!

Loving ALL the support so far! If you get the book, Please take a picture of  yourself holding the book when you get it OR do an un-boxing video and I will share it on Facebook and Twitter! Also for those who buy the book from Amazon Please leave a customer review after you get the book! Amazon is currently doing a %13 percent discount on the Book because of the season!! GET IT FAST! :) OH AND LOOK AT US RUBBING SHOULDERS WILL AVATAR AIRBENDER?! lol we wer number #3 best seller and #1 in Hot new releases since release beating Dragon Freaking Ball! and Assasination Classroon!! Lastly, it's my birthday tomorrow! 22nd Dec. December has been Great for me so far! SPECIAL THANKS TO YOU ALL! 

Video Reviews are also welcome, you can also please help spread the word and share with your favorite youtube Manga reviewers, they might be more responsive if supporters approached them rather than me.





There is a slight delay with the physical version of Volume one to be resolved very soon. I apologize for this as these things happen and it was literally out my hands and had more to do with some technical difficulties. That said, I take responsibility. 

As for those who pre-ordered the digital version? it's up! the Physical will follow this Saturday! lastly, here is the link to the Kindle Version of #AppleBlackMANGA 

9 Chapters (262 Pages), Behind the scenes extras and more...…

so see you saturday guys? ITS GOING DOWN!
Who will Purchase Apple BLack Vol.1? Pre-Order Here with no money involved and get a FREE Saturday-AM pack of your choice with 5 Saturday-AM Manga Magazine Issues with cool stuff, basically just to get notified when the book comes out.… Thank You!

Hey Guys,

Apple NEW VOLUME ONE COVER IS DONE! and I will be revealing it in the coming days, will still need to re format all the pages and all that extra stuff, the Book is set to have, 236 pages of actual Manga | Comics and Covers, 9 chapters, then 14 pages of extras, like, Posters, Fanart, Bios, Behind the scenes never before seen sketches, Apple Black Popularity Poll 2014 and more+

The Book will be for sale in December, exact date to be announced soon, WE ARE THIS CLOSE GUYS! Apple Black Volume One. BEEN WAITING FOR YEARS!, I'm Pumped. When Everything i all said and done, I hope those who support me and book will purchase it and share, telling friends interesting in manga and stuff, unboxings, reviews etc, this is major for me. I will do everything in my power to push it as you would imagine and I'll see how things go. I have sacrifices a tone for this book and I really hope it pays off for me. Big Thanks to everyone who has ever supported me in anyway! 

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Some of you are wondering where the Apple Black HH for this year, sorry its gonna come in pretty